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We need your wine!
We are are always looking for well cellared fine wine.
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We need your wine!

We are are always looking for well cellared fine wine.

As fine wine trader we are always looking to add additional stocks to our list. We have particular interest in classified growth wines from Bordeaux but are also keen to look at wines from other regions such as Burgundy, Italy and the Rhone Valley.

We are always on the hunt for well cellared wines and in particular look for full cases that have been stored in bonded warehouses; we will however consider wines that have been stored in well maintained home cellars.

There are 2 options that one could consider when thinking of selling wine through Richard Dawes Fine Wine:

Broking Basis: We can offer your wine to our customers on a broking basis. Upon sale, you will receive 90% of the selling price and we take a 10% commission. If you choose this option we do prefer to have the wines in our possession so that the wine can be checked and to ensure a fast onward delivery.

Outright Purchase: We may be able to purchase your wine outright. You will normally receive our selling price less 10-20% depending on market conditions. Payment is immediate upon receipt of the wine, either to our offices for duty paid stock, or as soon as they are delivered into our warehouse following inspection.

In the first instance, if you think you have something that would interest us please email Ben Dawes and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours with a competitive price for your wine.

**We cannot purchase wines with foreign strip labels and can only accept wines that have been stored within the European Union**