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Bordeaux En Primeur 2015

En Primeur is the age old process, predominantly in Bordeaux, of buying wine while it matures in barrel pre bottling. Wines are purchased by the case of 12 bottles and shipped to the UK 2 years after release, e.g. 2015 Primeur will first be sold in Spring/Summer 2016 and available for delivery in Spring 2018.

There are several reasons why buying En Primeur can make sense:

  • Opening prices are usually cheaper than prices once available on the open market.
  • It offers customers the best opportunity to buy wines with perfect provenance
  • Finally, it is an opportunity to order different bottle formats, whether it be half bottles, magnums, double magnums or imperials.

Please find our current selection of 2015 Bordeaux listed below.

If you have specific requests then please do not hesitate in contacting
us with your wish list: